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Today’s speed of innovation can quickly make old processes obsolete and irrelevant. Where value that once was created through incremental optimization, is today created through new, disruptive breakthroughs.
The competitive advantages of optimizing known processes have been replaced by the creativity to ideate, design, develop, and launch new and never before seen products/services/business models. For this we need new tools,  methods and processes.


The Customer Experience Journey


Customer experience encompasses every aspect of a company’s offering—the quality of customer care, of course, but also advertising, packaging, product and service features, ease of use, and reliability. Yet few of the people responsible for those things have given a sustained thought to how their separate decisions shape customer experience.

Today consumers have a greater number of choices than ever before, and more channels through which to pursue them. In such an environment, simple, integrated solutions to problems—not fragmented, burdensome ones—will win the allegiance of the time-pressed consumer.



Design Sprints

Sprints are an excellent way to quickly evaluate your business ideas. A design sprint is a time-constrained, five-phase process that uses design thinking with the aim of reducing the risk when bringing a new product or service to the market.


We facilitate workshops for companies to move faster using tools and methods from design thinking so companies can better empathize with new consumer needs, values, behaviours and cultures.

We help you identify key objective and performance indicators we can use to measure and test solutions in a structured and scientific way.

The way forward – Build, Buy or Partner

Innovation and growth can come in many forms. The increasing speed of technology requires companies to get innovations to market quickly.
Our discovery process gives companies a clear understanding of potential collaborations and buy-out of startups, their business opportunity, and the trends in the market. Thus, enabling them to decide the best way to access the market. Whether you choose to build In-house, buy or partner, we equip you with the access to take the right step.

Business Value Chain Mapping

This is a collaborative workshop with curated employees of your company to process Business Targets, limitations, customer journeys, and strengths.

Corporate Training 

Introduction to Design Thinking

Give your organisation powerful tools to manage innovation and get everyone involved in the innovation process.
This is a great multi-disciplinary team workshop to kick-start internal innovation power. It’s fun, engaging and a great team building exercise. It is suitable for  teams between 5 – 50 people.

Startup Ecosystem Safari


Discover what is disrupting your industry

We believe startups give great indicator of where the market is moving to. Together with the client we arrange tours to tech hubs in Shenzhen and other cities in Asia. We map and understand what new start-ups are copying & feeding off.

We speak with younger entrepreneurs to keep a finger on the pulse. The increasing speed in which technology is developed requires companies to get innovations to market quickly. Our Startup Ecosystem Safari gives companies opportunities to understand potential collaboration, competitors and buy-out option.

Market landscape analysis


There are many large players making innovation moves in markets, we will provide a landscape analysis of these larger players as well startups.

Startup Ecosystem


Innovation In China – What’s next!

Reports suggest that to realize consensus growth forecasts—5.5 to 6.5 percent a year during coming decade, China must generate two to three percentage points of annual GDP growth through innovation. If it does, innovation could contribute much of the $3 trillion to $5 trillion a year to GDP by 2025.
This will push China to evolved from an “innovation sponge,” absorbing technology and knowledge from around the world, into a global innovation leader. Our objective is to open doors for cross-pollination of technology and innovation between China, Asia and the world.

Don’t confuse Innovation with technology


Innovation does not just relate to technology. Innovation can be applied to an array of different activities, most commonly;

  • Business model Innovation
  • Processes Innovation
  • Product Innovation
  • Technical Innovation

The most valuable companies today have reached their top position because they have innovated inside their business model to transform the whole industry sector.

The speed transformation that occurs has brought forward a need for a new problem-solving framework that can be use in all these different business settings. It is here we rely on Design Thinking.

Innovation = Commercialisation + Invention

The climate challenge


One of the most dramatic developments of the past 30 years has been emerging Asia’s soaring consumption and its integration into global flows of trade, capital, talent, and innovation. In the decades ahead, Asia’s economies will in the next decade go from participating in these flows to determining their shape and direction.

Asia’s growth will be accompanied with some serious environmental challenges that only can be addressed through innovation, cooperation and adopting to a regenerative process.