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We create new and meaningful products and services that bring positive experiences for people and society.

Innovation for people
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Hong Kong & Shenzhen
WE BELIEVE THAT Facts and insight drive successful design. TELL ME MORE…

Product & Services

We research, design and develop award-winning products and services using a “people and planet first” philosophy. We aim to design and develop responsible products, and services in cooperation with global partners and the best manufacturers in China’s greater bay.

我们本着“以人和地球为本”的理念设计和开发屡获殊荣的产品和服务。 我们的目标是与全球合作伙伴和中国大湾区最好的制造商合作,开发负责任的可持续产品、服务和系统。

Strategy & Insight

Our process include tools and methods from Design Thinking. After understanding more of the consumers’ or stakeholders’ need we can anticipate change which creates valuable strategic insights for transformation, innovation and growth.

我们使用设计思维提供的工具和方法来支持公司进行定性研究、洞察见解、举办工作坊和设计冲刺。 了解消费者的需求有助于我们预测变化,从而为转型、创新和增长创造宝贵的战略见解。

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Design Insights

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