Throughout the past year we have been working hard on expanding our service offer to include Customer Insight and Innovation. At this point we have a couple of very successful Use Cases in India, China and Japan and would like to share our process with more clients who will benefit from our competitive strength in Customer Insight, Innovation & Design in China.

With our process you can quickly identify segment specific needs. This enables us to focus investments and test innovation in a very controlled manner. We have developed this process to help companies increase their value proposition by continuously transforming their offer to remain relevant to the customers. Our methods enable you to understand what drivers your consumer behaviour including needs and attitudes to understand how, where and what to innovate e.i Customer Centered Innovation.

After being located in Hong Kong for over a decade we can assist you to increasing your relevance for the Chinese consumer.



Branding, Customer Insight, Indusrial Design, Innovation, Product planning, Strategy, UX/UI, Value Proposition




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